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Fresh out of the fires from one of Metal's finest factories, the creative musician's metropolis that is Stockholm, hails Deathember; a somewhat dodgy name should not serve as a reason to dismiss what is actually a swirling inferno of punch-packed, rancid and almost serenely pure metal, cleansed from most prefixes.

Starting as nothing but a sallow seed, shuffed aside with rough force to grow depraved of sunlight in a wayward rehearsal space underneath a towering chimney, founder Elias Ryen-Rafstedt and guitarist Staffan Birkedal started to spend larger and larger amounts of their lives perching their band together with the same set of mind that most great artists pursue: the idea of the band playing just the kind of metal they would like to hear, a kind that not yet existed, but - concerning their hometown's vast quantity of talented musicians - was well within reach.

As the band abhored the name Deathember, and finalized their first lineup in 2010 with guitarist Rikard Bonander, Bassist Pontus Wicklander and vocalist Tobias Sandin, the answer as to what "Deathember" was and how it sounded like started to feel within reach. As they quickly gathered a notable reputation in the town's underground metal scene, their communal taste finally morphed together into the sound resulting in the 2011 EP "A Thousand Flatlines" - hooky and catchy mid-tempo groove metal, occasionally slowing down into menacing and gloomy when not speeding up into hsyterical mayhem, picking influences from Strapping Young Lad, SikTh, Daath, Gojira, Protest The Hero and Soilwork. With Tobias departure in 2012, followed up by the newest member Simon Tarasewicz, the band made no hesitation but to dive into the studio, signing to Violent Groove Music Group and ascending into the new year 2013 with one, strong and inevitable goal: show the world what GROOVE is.

The result is "Going Postal"; it takes the heritage from "A Thousand Flatlines" and updates it heavily, giving more space to direct to-the point songwriting, attitudous groove and foreboding atmosphere. With "Going Postal", Deathember clearly defines their sound. It's not lesser or more that what other bands may bring to the table - but it's different. Deathember continues to stroll down a path of brutality few bands have trodded, and with "Going Postal", they're stating their sound, their message, to the world.
And the world shall listen.


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